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ADRA Kyrgyzstan is an aid and development agency that supports the most vulnerable groups through empowering them, providing access to resources, and enhancing their skills and knowledge to improve quality of their lives.

ADRA Kyrgyzstan is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization that helps people regardless of their ethnic, political or religious affiliation.

We are open to cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as with business companies and individuals who adhere to the same values we do.

Humanitarian Agency ADRA Kyrgyzstan has been operating in the Kyrgyz Republic since 1995.

ADRA Mission

ADRA works with people in need to create fair and positive change through stronger partnerships and responsible action.

Our Purpose:

To serve humanity so all may live as God intended.

Our motto:

Justice. Compassion. Love.

ADRA values:

United. Decisive. Compassionate.

How ADRA works:

ADRA's decisions and strategies are in line with its beliefs, goals and values.

ADRA shows respect for diversity by treating people with equality regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or economic, political or religious differences.

ADRA is actively involved in civil society, engaging in appropriate and empowering partnerships to identify, facilitate and implement durable solutions to human needs.

ADRA operates and implements its programs taking into account environmental factors.

ADRA documents and applies operational learning to improve individual and organizational performance and innovation.

ADRA maintains a work environment and systems that enable employees to achieve professional, personal and spiritual growth.

ADRA applies the highest principles of transparency and integrity, adheres to professional standards and requirements, and demonstrates financial and legal responsibility by implementing stringent control and compliance systems.

ADRA is expanding its resource base to meet humanitarian needs in line with managerial, technical and organizational capabilities.

ADRA shares plans, information, resources and training across the ADRA network, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

ADRA protects the fundamental rights of the people it works with by empowering them to speak for themselves.

ADRA is a professional, learning and efficient organization that embodies integrity and transparency. ADRA transcends boundaries, empowers and stands up for the needy and the defenseless to bring about measurable, lasting, and tangible change in the lives of people and society.

Our team

Igor Litvinov

Executive director

Julia Kim

Financial manager

Asel Jumabaeva

Administrative assistant

Bermet Kargabaeva

Project manager

Galina An

АDRA workshop

Galina Matveeva


Аnarbekov Samat

Project assistant

Tilek Kurmanov


Bolot Shabykeev

Тechnical manager

Аinura Sultanalieva



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    Usenbaeva street, 167

    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


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    +996 (312) 38-02-60

    +996 (312) 38-02-70

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