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New academic year for pensioners

New academic year has started for our elderly people. ADRA Kyrgyzstan provides for more that 1500 pensioners a year free educational and sport courses. This educational program called “Third age institute”.


Third Age Institute of ADRA Kyrgyzstan is a great opportunity for elderly people to learn foreign languages, psychology, drawing, dancing, arts, computer skills, fitness. Most important in our institute is that here they can gain knowledge that will help them to engage in trade, income generating activities such as felt, kurak, business courses, agronomy, quilling, knitting and crocheting. Education of elderly people is free of charge.


Business courses help to to analyze the market, materials, customer demand, and price range. Computer courses – teach students to find sites on the Internet, where the most modern designers to share their skills. Moreover media experts teach grandmothers secrets and tricks of product promotion on the Internet, social media.

Also, the law courses help to seniors learn more about state guarantees, to gain knowledge about their rights and how to provide legal support to other elderly people.

The project works under the program #Aging_with_dignity_in_Kyrgyzstan