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Pensioners expressed their complaints to the Minister of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic

On October 28, ADRA Kyrgyzstan hosted a meeting of pensioners and low-income citizens with the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main problems were noted: the quality of “emergency medical serviсe”, the state of gerontological services in the country, as well as poor awareness of the free and subsidized medicines. Elderly people have expressed to the Minister of Health that the “first aid” does not come to the patients when they learn about their age, and the only one solution is to lie on the phone about age. The Minister said that for medical care all ages are equal. “Medical assistance should be provided to everyone despite the age of the patient,” – said the Minister of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic.


“We have upgraded our ambulances for 30% now, 12 vehicles were purchased. But the problem is that the ambulance can not get to your call, because of the situation on the road. Often, drivers behave irresponsibly, making it impossible to drive for the ambulance”- Minister Batyraliev said.

In the regions there is no municipal pharmacies, and buying medicines in private pharmacies for pensioners is not affordable.

“We have to give a half of our pensions to the pharmacy”- shared one of the participants of the meeting.


The meeting was organized withthe aim to involve the Ministry of Health in resolving the problems of pensioners and low-income citizens in Kyrgyzstan.

ADRA Kyrgyzstan and OOSZN hold meetings with government agencies and pensioners once a month as part of the project “Support and safety for elderly people in the Kyrgyz Republic.”