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Pensioners in five regions of Chui Oblast received direct assistance

Within the framework of the project “Support and security for elderly in Kyrgyzstan” ADRA Kyrgystan provided direct help to the pensioners with the financial support of  DCA Central Asia. Warm jackets, jumpers, heaters, blankets, as well as product support were distributed to 5 regional groups of Chui oblast.


The overall objective of this project is to improve the quality of life of elderly in Kyrgyzstan.


Most of the time pensions are still not enough to satisfy even the most essential necessities of life, social services are very limited and their quality is not always good.


Te  project of  humanitarian agency ADRA Kyrgyzstan “Support and security of elderly in the Kyrgyzstan” includes six target communities – Bishkek, Kant, Tokmok, Orlovka, as well as the village of Ivanovka and Besh-Kungei.


The project is implementing with the financial support of DCA Central Asia.