Our areas of work

Protecting the Vulnerable

In our world millions of children, women, and men are persecuted or denied basic human rights. Minority groups are discriminated against and denied education. Children and women are sexually exploited. Often, these vulnerable groups have nowhere to go for help.

By working with the government in establishing self help groups and supporting education, ADRA is the defender of children who are forced to work when they should be learning, or elders who are left behind by the families they gave their lives for, and for many others that suffer in silence.

Supporting Families

Children are left without parents or a way to survive, and often end up on the street. ADRA steps in to be the family they don’t have, providing food, shelter, and love.

Adults and children often lack the education and literacy they need to be successful. ADRA seeks to empower children supporting their education and give those who missed schooling opportunities for a new beginning.

Promoting Health

Health is at the very core of much of the world’s poverty and suffering. Deadly diseases like AIDS and malaria are absolutely devastating in many areas, leaving parents without children, and many orphans who must fend for themselves. ADRA is lowering the incidence of horrific diseases like these by teaching methods of prevention.

Lack of clean water and good sanitation, something that is often taken for granted, can debilitate entire villages with waterborne illnesses. By digging new wells and building sanitation systems, ADRA helps prevent many of the common medical problems that plague communities.

Responding to Emergencies

In the wake of emergencies such as revolutions, famines, or earthquakes thousands are forced out of their homes and left destitute. Often, they lack basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.

ADRA team is constant training to be ready to prevent further lose of life by responding quickly to evaluate the greatest needs, and then developing plans to get help to the areas where it is needed most. Often, ADRA coordinates with the local government to provide medical care, food, water, and shelter to victims of tragedies.

Establishing Livelihoods

Sometimes people get stuck in an apparently endless cycle of poverty, with no way to provide for their families, and no way to improve their situation. Those who do have jobs sometimes make much less than what is barely enough to survive.

These hardworking individuals are desperate for a chance to better themselves, and ADRA is giving it to them. ADRA knows that one of the best ways to boost people out of the cycle of poverty is by providing livelihoods. Through small loans of money or livestock, job training, and encouragement, ADRA gives men and women the ability to support themselves and their families.

Our Projects