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Humanitarian agency

ADRA Kyrgyzstan
ADRA Kyrgyzstan is a developement and relief agency, which supports vulnerable groups through the extension of their rights and opportunities, the provision of recources and the giving of skills and knowledge with the aim to improve their quality of life.

ADRA Kyrgyzstan is a nongovernmental, non religious and non political organization, which helps people regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation or religious association.

We are open to partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations and as well with businesses and private persons taking the same values as we do.
Our projects
In Kygyzstan, there live more than 5000 deaf and hard of hearing people, fighting with the infringement of their rights, discrimination and the most important, with the problems of limited opportunities to job placement and a lack of qualitative education.

The project started in the year 2018 and was planned for three years. Over the course of this time the work will be put to practice in three orientations adjoining to one another. Firstly: rendering every possible assistance to people with an hearing impairment, their education, job placement and socialization. Secondly: to help with the opening of the first company in the republic, processing plastic bottles to high quality sintepon, which is used in daily life. Many employees of this company will be deaf and hard of hearing people. In addition, carrying out events, on which the environmental movement gets supported and the citizens get informed about the consumption of plastic. Thirdly: the installation of water filters on the streets of the cities, providing the citizens with clean drinking water. These filters will be actuated by members of the deaf community, which gives them the opportunity to improve their families financial situation.
According to official details, there are living more than 60 thousand people with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan currently. The illness does not occur at 50% of the population. In our country, diabetes causes approximately 2600 deaths annually.

Diabetes is curable and you can oppose the symptoms with the help of a diet, physical activity, medicine, regular examinations and the cure of complications.

A balanced diet, regular physical activity, the upholding of a healthy weight and the renunciation of tobacco can reduce the risk of being diseased with diabetes or push it out.

The aim of ADRA and our partners is the prevention and curing of diabetes in Kyrgyzstan through this project. While doing this, the focus is especially on the prevention of complications being connected with the disease, particularly the diabetic foot.

39 self-help groups, consisting of elderly people, take part in this project. These groups go through trainings about the prevention and control of two types of diabetes. They share their knowledge with the communities they live in, propagate a healthy lifestyle, especially to youth and support those who suffer from this disease.

Improvement of the prevention and treatment of diabetes in Kyrgyzstan
The project exists since October 2017.

The studio proves exclusive free-time activities to the citizens of Bishkek and the neighbouring cities. The current offers are at cost, because through the acquisition the studio´s work is supported. Here you can learn extraordinary and interesting handicrafts: decorative-artistic painting, the production of any sorts of ceramics, among this is porcelain as well. In addition, own Matryoshka dolls, brooches and bracelets made of ceramic, cards painted with water colours, to paint decorative landscapes, to draw in different styles, to produce coffee cups and tea crockery out of porcelain. All of this is the work of our students. Our studio is the perfect place for the exchange and communication between people at different ages and with diverse professions. Working with art and handicrafts helps relieving stress and to develop a positive and harmonic attitude.

Economical gain and economic reforms are only possible to reach there, where are people with potential!
Studio for art and developement ADRA
«Language courses»

At our office you can learn with English and German native speakers. Our courses are attended from very young students at the age of five as well as from students who need the respective language for their studies or work. We have our own teaching-basis: students, teachers, teaching materials, programs and of course appropriate prices too.

«Computer courses»

The current computer courses are very popular with adults, who are not computerate. For a small amount of money, elderly people acquire computer skills in ten teaching modules. Through an extensive teaching experience, the students learn the most important information and skills fastly and qualitatively. After completing the courses, the participants are able to communicate through social media and video chats, to visit the websites of governmental organizations and to access their E-Mails.
Computers are the window to a big world, in which our participants are not lonely any more.


A professional trainer, a special program for adults, many years of experience, a completely equipped room – this are the components of this successful program, which is realized for already several years.
The course is occupied and offered constantly.

«Flamenco Club»

The current club´s leader is a professional choreographer and ballerina. The club´s participants are allowed to start occupying themselves with flamenco at any age and level.
Participating in this club does not only mean to rehearse but as well to explore this dance´s culture and history.

Educational courses for every age
This trademark is already well-known for some decades.
Two times a year, there takes place a fair of the network AgeNet International, where the production of the "through mutual help united grandmas" gets supported and bought up. The in the self-help groups knitted socks, hats, scarfs and furthermore dried fruits, at home prepared preserved food, violets and geraniums in flowerpots are exhibited and offered for sale. The citizens believe it is their responsibility to support the grandma´s business.
You can buy the grandma´s products in the "Babushka incorporated"-pavilion, which is located in Bishkek at the cross way Bokonbaeva-Ibraimova.

Babushka Incorporated
The rehabilitation and aid for people suffered from natural and technical disasters is one of the priority activities of the organization ADRA Kyrgyzstan.

As a consequence of emergency situations like earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, fires, conflicts or hunger, thousands of people are forced to leave their houses, without having any means of existence. Mostly in this situation, there is a lack of objects, which are of the utmost importance, like groceries, water, hygienic articles and an accommodation.

The ADRA-team regularly attends trainings, to be prepared for averting possible threats on the people life´s and to be able to react fast and effective. For this, there is carried out an appraisal of the extremest needs and afterwards hammered out a plan, to provide assistance in those areas it is needed the most. Our organization coordinates its activities with partner organisations and local authorities to render medical aid and provide groceries, water and an accommodation for the victims of the tragedy.

From the beginning of ADRA Kyrgyzstan´s work, the organization provided assistance to affected families and vulnerable groups of the population, in the amount of 70 million Dollar.
Reaction to emergency situations
Extension of rights and opportunities of deaf and hard of hearing people
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