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ADRA Kyrgyzstan is an aid and development agency that supports the most vulnerable groups through empowering them, providing access to resources, and enhancing their skills and knowledge to improve quality of their lives.

ADRA Kyrgyzstan is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization that helps people regardless of their ethnic, political or religious affiliation.

We are open to cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as with business companies and individuals who adhere to the same values we do.


Our projects

Empowering deaf and hearing-impaired people

There are over 5,000 deaf and hard of hearing people in Kyrgyzstan who face rights violations, discrimination on a daily basis and, most importantly, have limited access to quality education and employment opportunities.

The project has been being implemented since 2018, during which work has been being carried out in 3 related areas: providing all kinds of assistance to people with hearing disabilities, provide them with necessary training, employment opportunities and socialization; opening the first company in the republic that processes plastic bottles into high-quality synthetic fiber used in everyday life, many of whose employees would be deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as holding events promoting the eco-agenda and informing the population about the dangers of plastic; installing water filters on the streets of cities, providing citizens with clean drinking water, which will be serviced by members of the hearing-impaired community, improving the financial condition of their families.

Improving the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot in Kyrgyzstan

According to official records, there are more than 60 thousand people with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan. This disease remains undetected in more than 50% of the population. Diabetes mellitus causes about 2,600 deaths a year in our country.

Diabetes can be treated and complications prevented or delayed through diet, exercise, medication, regular check-ups, and treatment of complications.

A healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy body weight, and abstaining from tobacco use can reduce or delay the risk of diabetes.

The goal of the ADRA and partners' project is to improve the prevention and treatment of diabetes in Kyrgyzstan. A special focus of the project is aimed at preventing complications associated with diabetes mellitus, in particular with diabetic foot.

The project involves 39 elderly self-help groups who are receiving training in the prevention and control of type 2 diabetes. They share knowledge with the communities in which they live, promoting healthy lifestyles, in particular for young people, and supporting those who suffer from this disease.

Emergency response

Rehabilitation and assistance to people affected by natural disasters and man-made disasters is one of the priority areas of ADRA.

As a result of emergencies such as earthquakes, landslides, mudflows, fires, conflicts, hunger, thousands of people are forced to leave their homes without a livelihood. Moreover, they often lack such essential items as food, water, hygiene products, and shelter.

The ADRA team is constantly trained to be prepared to prevent possible threats to human life and respond quickly and efficiently. This is done by assessing the greatest needs and then developing a plan to provide assistance in areas where it is most needed. The agency coordinates with partner organizations and local authorities to provide medical assistance, food, water and shelter to victims.

During these years, ADRA Kyrgyzstan has provided assistance to affected families and the most vulnerable groups of the population for more than $ 70 million.

Creativity and Development ADRA Workshop

The project is being implemented since October 2017.

The workshop provides exclusive leisure services to residents of Bishkek and its suburbs. The income from these services is directed to support the activities of the workshop. Here you can learn unusually interesting crafts: decorative and artistic painting, the manufacture of all types of ceramics, including porcelain. Author's nesting dolls, porcelain brooches and bracelets, watercolor cards, decorative landscapes, drawings in the styles of folk crafts, coffee mugs and elegant porcelain tea pairs are the products manufactured by our students. The workshop is a wonderful communication platform for people of different professions and ages. Passion for art and crafts helps in gaining resistance to stress, positive and inner harmony.

Economic reforms are possible only where there is human potential!

Educational courses for all ages

«Foreign language courses»

Here you can learn foreign languages from native speakers of English and German. Our courses are attended by very young students, who are only five years old, as well as students who need English for their studies and work. We have our own training base: classroom, teachers, textbooks, programs and, of course, reasonable prices.

«Computer courses»

This course is very popular among adults, those who have troubles using technology. 10 lessons and a small fee – and pensioners master computer skills. Extensive teaching experience allows students to quickly and efficiently convey the most necessary information. At the end of our courses, students freely communicate on social networks and video chats, visit the websites of government organizations, open their mailboxes. The computer is a window to the big world in which there is no longer loneliness for our students.

«Fitness +»

A professional trainer, a special program for adults, many years of experience, an equipped gym - these are the components of this successful project, which has been implemented for many years.

«Flamenco Club»

This club is run by a professional choreographer and ballerina. You can become a member of the club at any age and start practicing flamenco from any level. Classes in the club are not only rehearsals, but also the study of the culture and history of dance.

Babushka Incorporated

This brand has been known for more than one decade. Twice a year, at fairs of the gerontological network AgeNet International, the products of “united in mutual assistance grandmothers” are promoted and sold out. Socks, hats, shawls, scarves, tied in Elderly Self-Help Groups, as well as dried fruit, home preserves, potted violets and geranium are put up for sale. The townspeople support the grandmothers' business with great joy. Granny's products can be bought in the Babushka Incorporated pavilion at Bishkek, the intersection of Bokonbaev-Ibraimov streets.



09 June 2020


Волонтёры и офицеры ADRA Кыргызстан продолжают помогать нуждающимся


09 June 2020


ADRA Кыргызстан начала свою гуманитарную деятельность в период пандемии


17 April 2020


В трудное для кыргызстанцев время ADRA Кыргызстан помогает народу вместе с волонтерами!



Volunteering at ADRA is amazing! By sacrificing your time and efforts to improve the lives of others, you develop your talents and grow as a person.

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Hire a deaf or hard of hearing person

It is difficult for deaf and hard of hearing people to find a job, but many of them are qualified workers who do their job conscientiously and efficiently. Do a good deed and invite them to work!

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